Friday, January 13, 2012

Thank goodness for Casual Copperplate!

I spent a few hours working on my Copperplate this week. Back in the day, everyone knew Copperplate, and they were all pretty good at it. They also were rapped on the knuckles regularly and did not have the Internet to distract them from their hours of practice. I'm here to tell you that Copperplate needs practice. My practice consisted of tracing the alphabet with a light board. Still, Modern Mark Making is the first calligraphy manual to tell you HOW to get the thicks and thins found in this hand. 

One page over from the oh–so–formal Copperplate, I spotted the playful Casual Copperplate. It makes Copperplate jump down off its high horse and have some fun.

I put on Netflix and cranked out two thank you cards for my parents and my inlaws for Christmas. I'd still like to learn formal Copperplate. Before I do, I have to get some fun colored inks because I am going to spend some quality time with this hand. Meanwhile, Casual Copperplate is more fun.

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