Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shopping Road Trip: The grass is greener on the other side of the fence

The upholstery fabric issue has been solved!

On Friday, I absconded with my sister–in–law and nephew and we hit the road for a 36–hour kamikaze mission to visit Nana and Papa and to shop for fabric in OKC.

Saturday morning we fortified ourselves with burgers and entirely too much pop (soda if you're from Texas).

Why not buy weird pop when you can use your children as your excuse?

Then we hit the shops. My dad mapped out the route so we could hit just about every store in Oklahoma City that carries upholstery fabric.

Oh the dilemma! I went from no choice to entirely too many fabrics to choose from. I did have a plan, though. My perfect fabric had to be:

             • Small print
             • No stripes of any kind
             • Neutral
             • No matching required
             • Inexpensive

No tall order there!

At the last store of the day, we found this:


 Yes, 14.25 yards of upholstery fabric at $5/yard at a little hole–in–the–wall upholstery outlet store in Oklahoma City. Deep in the recesses of Fabric & Upholstery Outlet we found a fabric that fit all the criteria.  I can use either side. So far I have two votes for using the blue side and three for the gold side. I'll live with it for awhile before I choose to use the "wrong" side or the "right" side.

And then it was time to go back home. We had to stop at Garden Ridge first because the bargains just jump into your cart there. Add another book to the craft book challenge tally.

So, add perseverance to gumption if you're going to reupholster a chair. Any votes on which side fabric I should use?



  1. Ahhh - POP! We tried the Bacon Pop the other day. We all decided that Bacon is spectacular and makes most things better, it is not very good pop!

  2. It is gross, isn't it! Even the iron-stomach boy had to drink it in stages.

  3. Aimee, which fabric store did you visit? I used to go all the time to the one on east 59th street, but their choices declined and I haven't visited in years. Perhaps you chanced on one that we haven't yet tried. I live 2 hours away, so it isn't a destination that I often make. Thanks!!

    1. Carla, it's the same place on 59th, but they've moved a block west and are planning an expansion. I got lucky with my find! There's a great one in Edmond (Vu's Fabrics) that has a lot of trendy upholstery fabric that I haven't seen anywhere else except in Pottery Barn catalogs.

  4. Thank you Aimee!! I will plan to make a visit to their new location! I think the owners of the place in Edmond used to own the one on 59th street, but quite different in price and what they offered. It has been even longer since I visited that one. Here's hoping you have everything you need until your next Ok visit :*)

    1. Let me know your impressions. Good luck on your next fabric trip!


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