Thursday, January 19, 2012

Playing with paper and making cards

I have a love–hate relationship with handmade cards. I find them really charming and creative... pieces of art.   However, when I make them, I get uptight. The fact that I usually make a card about five minutes before we have to leave for an event has absolutely nothing to do with my anxiety. Really! I do a lot of praying to the patron saint of glue too. Please dry, please dry.

This week, I decided to pick a few techniques from The encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools & Techniques, and I just played with them. No self–imposed deadlines. No predetermined layouts. If it worked, it worked. If it didn't, oh well. I fought through a few anxious moments where my perfectionism tried to take over, and I remembered why I really don't care for rubber stamping, but I actually am pleased with my first set of cards.

I was determined to make Valentines for my children this year. Looks like they'll actually get something more than a box of candy.

For my college–age daughter:

You're my cup of tea, Valentine.
Book techniques used:
Embossing (I used my Cuttlebug)
Watercoloring (the stamp and the background)
Rubber Stamping (Rubber Stampede: Tea Time)
Silhouette cutting

For my high–school son:

You Shine, Valentine!
Book techniques used:
Serendipity paper placement for the background
(I used an old gold Christmas card)
Origami heart (aluminum foil)

I managed to get some baby shower cards made too! I'll post those tomorrow.

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