Thursday, January 26, 2012

How not to dress a naked chair

I really wanted to get my chair redone this week. I could have IF I had the fabric.

I've been wanting to try the bleached drop cloth look so I bleached a drop cloth from Home Depot for 10 hours. It's lighter, but still grayish. While it would look lovely in another room, it looks like crap next to my new honey–colored couch. I actually bought a bottle of tan dye before I came to my senses.

So, back to the fabric store I go. I found a chocolate paisley that looked decent with my other fabric samples under the fluorescent lights. I swear it all looked good. The bolt held just enough fabric. No room for error, but worth the risk. Again, looked like crap under my lighting. Too green, too dark, too much.

I knew going into this project that it was ambitious to get done in one week. I'm actually planning a one–day trip into Oklahoma City to see if they have more than three fabric stores (I suspect they do.)

I'm not counting this challenge as a failure because I did get the chair stripped. I did get to bleach a drop cloth, even though I'm not completely thrilled with the results. I also bought new 4–in. bun feet to replace the 2–in. plastic feet the chair had before. I've been wanting that chair to be higher since the day I got it!

Until then, I'm going to start thinking about next week's book. I have an idea it will have nothing to do with fabric.


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