Monday, January 16, 2012

Hitting the trail and throwing the books aside

I had a craft book picked out for my craft book challenge; I really did. And then we went hiking at the "Grand Canyon of Texas" (a.k.a. Palo Duro Canyon). I was inside the cave at the time my husband snapped this picture. That's my daughter perched on top. She came up through the cave. I wasn't as brave. Aren't the colors gorgeous? The sky really is that impossible blue out there.

We came home filthy, hungry, and happy.

I had planned to get into an upholstery book and start recovering my worn–out oversized chair this week because I'm getting a new couch on Thursday. I've been shopping for this couch for five years! This is a big deal.

I read the upholstery book all the way through until I realized I can't pick out fabric for the chair until I get my couch. Well, duh.

So, I haven't picked out this week's book yet because my mind is still stuck in upholstery mode. I may have to flip a coin, but I'll have one picked out by this afternoon. I only have more than 200 books and booklets to choose from.

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