Monday, January 30, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 5: Napkin Decoupage

Remember napkin applique? Somewhere, I still have a bottle of Aleene's Paper Napkin Applique glue, but I never could find napkins I wanted to stick onto anything.

Meanwhile, hope springs eternal, and several years ago I bought a book that originally was published in South Africa, where they call napkins "serviettes." Serviette decoupage sounds much more classy than gluing napkins to stuff.

This week's book will allow me to play with some of the ideas I've had for years about this medium. I've always thought I could use more than just napkins to work some decoupage magic. I'm heading off to the thrift store this afternoon to see if I can find some fun things to work on. I even may stop at the party store to see if they have any wonderful napkin designs.

I'm still evaluating my fabulous fabric buy. Gold side or blue side. As soon as I figure it out, it's cutting and stapling time!


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