Monday, January 23, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 4: Reupholstery

Ah, the week I've been anticipating! It's time to learn how to reupholster. Now, I've been to the rodeo before if you count reupholstering the flat seats on my dining room chairs. I would definitely start with a simple project like that just to get your feet wet. I suspect this project will be like getting my driver's license and then jumping into a big rig.

I picked up You Can Upholster! at the Friends of the Library book sale. I guess the exclamation point caught my eye and made me think, "Yeah! I can upholster!" Plus, $5 for a grocery bag of books? Sold!

I love older craft books. This one is copyright 1978. There's an awesome "hey you men, women can upholster too" vibe running throughout the instructions. However, the problem with older books is that you often do not have the fabulous photos to guide you step–by–step. I've already read through the book and made copious notes.

I've also called my mom and picked her brain. Her first upholstery project was a couch and a love seat. I watched her reupholster my sister–in–law's stuffed chair in two days. I think I'll be OK with a lot of Skyping for advice.

I have my chair picked out. I have my new couch to give me some inspiration. I have one week (well, I actually stripped the chair last week). Time to get going!

I'll post the before chair tomorrow. It's not pretty. ANYTHING I do will be an improvement.


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