Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 3: Greeting Cards

It wasn't too hard to pick this week's book after I mentally shelved the upholstery project. I've been thinking about cards instead. Valentine's Day is only one month away, and even though I own all manner of paper crafting supplies, I rarely get more than one paper heart cut out for both my kids to share.

In an attempt to improve my card–making skills, I requested The encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools & Techniques for Christmas. I don't like to copy other people's projects; I like to be inspired by them. This book is full of ideas but no step–by–steps on how to recreate a card exactly. I figure I can get my Valentines and a few birthday cards done this week. I may even slip in a baby shower card or two for the new babies coming. Off to make a list!

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