Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's OK to play... isn't it?

"Make for the sheer joy of creating." I found this quote in a pile of notes I made.

Man, that's a hard one. I'm one of those planners. The stuff I make has to have a purpose. If it doesn't, it'll sit in a pile while I feel guilty for "wasting" the project. Surely everything must have a purpose? You can't just create for the sheer joy of it, can you?

And yet, I love to experiment. Conundrum, no?

I did do some creating for the sheer joy of it recently, but I've been feeling the pressure that those results must have some purpose.

These little art sparks are lovely, and I love them. So the planner in me reared her orderly head and took charge with a list of options.
  1. Stick them on a card blank.
  2. Add them to a collage.
  3. Frame them. Heck, anything can be art.
  4. Scan them and manipulate for use on fabric, paper, posters.
  5. Turn them into the covers of handmade journals. (On my crafty bucket list.)
  6. Use them as background for drawings, paintings, etc... then see #1–5.
  7. Ask my art student daughter what she would do.

OK. I think I've talked myself into a little playtime today.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hello World

Welcome to my world of "Let's try it and see." I like to craft, but often I like the making more than the having. I made that Smile collage from punched out magazine squares and die cut letters. I had infinite fun punching out the squares and popping them down onto a sheet of contact paper. Now, I'm not quite sure what to do with the finished product!

Right now the purpose of this blog is to capture my experiments (muwahahaha!) and then to find some practical use for them afterward.

Oh, and there'll be paper... lots of paper.